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Children's Ministry Expectations

Our Expectations for all Lighthouse Kids Volunteers.

Please read and click to say you "Agree" or "Disagree"

Connect eCard We'd love to connect with you so if you have a question or a need then this is the right place for you to be.  Just give us a few details and we'll get right on it.
Lighthouse Kids Ministry Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Lighthouse Kids staff team at Lighthouse Church. We are excited to have you as a part of our volunteer team to invest in the lives of children!

In order to maintain the safest and most secure place for these children, we want to comply with the high standards set out in the "Plan to Protect" program of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Therefore we need you to fill in the following form as well as provide a separate Criminal Record Check for Lighthouse Church.

For the Criminal Record Check, you simply need to go to your local police station and give them the letter you will be supplied with upon completion of this form. There should be no charge for you as a volunteer, once they send it back to you, please return it to the church. 

Thank you!

Brittany Stebeck, Children's Ministries Director

Lighthouse Kids Registration Form

This information is not shared without permission and used only for the safety and care, of students entering Lighthouse Children's Ministry. Please fill out the following form for our collective records. 

Looking for a Small Group?

We have lots of small groups at Lighthouse Church. If you're interested in joining one, please fill out this form, and someone will contact you to talk about what groups fit your criteria.

Membership Request Form

Membership at our assembly is how we create effective governance, manage major financial decisions, show commitment to each other, and fulfill government expectations for asset management.

Ministry Partnership Form We are not simply looking for volunteers to do jobs but people who will partner with us to for the mutual joy of seeing God's kingdom advance and people experience the fullness of life in Christ.  As an organization, this form helps us to ensure our ministry partners are all working from the same page.  Thank you in advance.
Missions Trip support Request

Use this to notify and request support from the Global Connections team

Prayer Chain - Request to Join

Use this form to request joining our prayer chain team.  As this team deals with confidential matters we appreciate your care in answer the included questions.

Request Prayer

If you have a need or you are requesting prayer for your friend or family member, use this form to quickly send a note to our prayer chain coordinators.  

Worship Team Application If you are interested in joining our worship team ministry we would appreciate your time in answering a few of these questions.  Once submitted, someone will get back to you to discuss your interest.
Youth Student Registration and Permission Form

This information is not shared without permission and used only for the safety and care, of students entering Lighthouse Youth Ministry. Please ensure that you download and sign attached release form, to be delivered to ministry leaders on or prior to first attendance. Registration forms are to be filled out per student attending.